If you carried over your ticket, you have been allocated a new table - select the Event and then 'View List'.
Please email coakhamball@gmail.com to request any changes (sorry - this information was lost from 2020) AND your new Menu choices.

To allow for larger groups, we may have to shuffle people and tables.
If you need a full table (10 or a tight 12) we will rename the table for you. 


  • Find a Table that has spare places and Register your individual or group places.
  • Pick your menu choices and make any dietary or allergy notes that we should be aware of.
  • Table numbers are for reference only - actual table numbers/names will change.
  • Small groups and individuals may be moved to other tables as we fill the spaces to make room for larger groups but we will try to keep your booking group together.
  • You can let us know if you are a small group but wish to be seated with certain other guests and we will try our best.
  • Tickets include the fee we have to give to our Payment Partner, Stripe.